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Movie Personality I believe different kinds of movies change peoples personality.

Romantic movies Most people watch romantic movies together Especially married couples. The people that do usually end up crying because it was a sad movie.

People that watch these kinds of movies probably think it is because of their sensitive feelings to romantic movies. At the end of a movie, people start hugging or kissing all because of these kinds of movies.

Horror movies When little kids around 4 to 11 years of age, maybe even adults watch a horror movie they get scared. A lot of people like to watch horror movies in the dark, so it gives a scary effect.

Most movies have murders in them that are what scare viewers the most. People hide underneath blankets so they feel comfort and their not scared anymore. When the movie is over kids are afraid to go to bed.

When they go to sleep they will have a nightmare and maybe pee their pants.

So they might sleep with their parents.

Action movies In most action movies there is a lot of fighting, braveness, and guns. If there were no fighting, it wouldn't be an action movie. When people watch these movies, they think that they can act or fight like that person. Actors are always so brave because they know it's not real.

If it were in real life they probably would be scared.

Comedy movies Comedies are the kind of movies where your not Scared or cry, or watch violence. Comedies you just eat popcorn, have a drink, and laugh. These movies can teach people to be funny.

So if you like to watch romantic, horror, action, or comedy movies, it's your choice but just make sure that you pick the right one.