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Maslows Hierarchy of Motivational Needs Bus-110 Somerset optical has met all of Maslow's hierarchy of motivational needs.

First, the physiological needs are met by providing employment for people so they can carry out the basic necessities of life. Second is the safety needs.

Somerset meets these needs by providing benefits that cover dental and drug plans, and also employees can save extra cash just for security purposes.

They also get a paid sick leave when a physician certifies illness. The pubs they hold and also the baseball team that they sponsor meets their social needs. The three-week paid vacation can also fall into the social need category. The esteem needs are met by the modest working hours and the training program, in which they offer. The top sales candidate is allowed to take a three-year leave of absence to attend Opticians College. Finally, The regular training sessions offered to all employees, meets the self- actualization needs.

Employees have a chance to enhance their knowledge about their jobs. They also have other training programs that is relevant to the business, as well as for any personal interest training. Somerset is a dream employer fro any person. It definitely knows how to treat its employees. The better the employees are treated, the better the employees will treat the business.