The most effective way to understand contemporary culture is to analyze the trends of its youth.

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When we have a retrospect over our history of art and literary, we can always find those virtuosos, though might not have been famous until their forties or fifties, were showing their brilliance as early as in their early years, say tens or twenties. Their initial works might be not mature and perfect enough, however, the marvelous originations and rich sensitiveness cannot be palled or tarnished. It's the youth, who are always on crest of culture wave, that can grasp at the subtle hint and create fashion for the public. Thus, the most effective and efficient way to have a understanding of contemporary culture is to analyze the trends of its youth.

Compared with those burdened with kinds of bonds, works and responsibilities, the youth are sharp and aggressive, never afraid of making mistakes. They tend to judge things in their own special point of views and personal tastes rather than in a traditional, neutral and modest way.

Such sharpness and aggression, though sometimes maybe na?ve or even absurd, are necessary for a new culture to break though from the old rigid one. New ideas and patterns of art, literary and fashion, though at first are almost certainly to be discarded by the main stream as alien, are where the new dominating culture rises up from. Take Andy Warhol and his POP art as an example, it is at first laughed at and denigrated as mere rabish, proved to be of great commercial value by its young advocates and then was accepted by the public gradually in the 70's.

The youth are not only buff of new culture, they are also the origin where new ideas and styles come from. It has been proved that one in his early years has fastest mind and best creativity. These precious...