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During the World War II I learned a lot. There was a lot to be learned about what happened. There were so many things going on at the time. There was Japan wanting to attack the United States. There were the Dictators who Threaten World Peace. The War in Europe. The Holocaust, which is where all the persecution began. There were also a lot of people that were involved at the time. For example Dwight D. Eisenhower, James Farmer, Adolf Hitler, Douglas MacArthur, George Marshall, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Harry S. Truman. Those were just some of the people that were involved. Each and even individual had their own tribute to the war.

One of those individuals who are listed above was Adolf Hitler. Hitler seemed to be a very well know man. He had talents in speaking in front of thousand of people sometimes even millions.

Coming from the lowest point and being shy and awkward, it was a big change for him. He really rose to power, and was all worth it for him. He started off in 1919, when he got sent to investigate a political group called the "German workers Party" which he ended up joining. The following year he ended up taking over organizing the party's propaganda. Hitler has also had a lot of supporters. He had over a million supporters at the Harvest Day Celebration. He was definitely part of the World War II.

A question that I kind of hit at one point was, Why were they always blaming the Jews for everything and always mistreating them, and not getting the respect that they deserve. The answer to that was that Germany wanted to take it out on someone for all their failures and frustrations. All that madness was targeted to the Jews. That must have been really hurtful for the Jews. There was about 5,700,000 Jews that were involved in the Holocaust. They were victims that were pulled into this mess, and it was wrong.

There was also V-E Day, which was Victory in Europe Day. This happened on May 8, 1945. It stated on April 25, 1945, the Soviet Union had stormed Berlin. People were being shot, and even hanged on the nearest tree possible. It was a pretty bad time for those people that were part of it. On April 29, Hitler married Eva Braun, after he had prepared to put an end to this. That same evening that he got married he wrote a letter blaming the Jews for starting the war, and for them losing it. That's some pretty hurtful stuff. Being blamed for something that you know you didn't do. Later Hitler stated "I die with a happy heart aware of the immeasurable deeds of out soldiers at the front" The next day Hitler and his wife planned to kill themselves, with Hitler shooting himself as his wife drank poison. Now those were pretty dramatic things that went on.

A lot of this stuff was connected to people. Just like Hitler being involved with the V-E Day, (Victory in Europe Day), but not only him but also his wife. And to actually know what made them take the decision that they made. There was a lot that I learned. It made me really think about how things would have been if they were different. It basically made me think about life and how it would be if it were like that now. It's something that you can really appreciate knowing in life, it's also makes it easier to take curtain decisions in life and know that people have been there threw everything and done that. Then they'll see whether it's worth doing or not.