A Moment Unforgotten.

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Tyron Holmes

February 2, 2004

Essay # 1

A Moment Unforgotten

Most people consider me direct; I speak my mind. However, one day, my former best friend did something ignorant which left me speechless. Furthermore, this incident led me to become more cautious of the people around or close to me. The event that forever hunts my memory is the time I lost respect for a former friend due to a rude statement.

On a gloomy Tuesday morning as I strolled through the senior courtyard, I spotted Nick Canto, my best friend. We remained close since grade school and practically grew up together. Although he and I went to different elementary schools, we both attended camp Christian; a bible school for kids. From middle school forth, we developed a strong bond. During the summer before high school, my family and I moved to Mandarin, a prominent area outside of Jacksonville.

Luckily, Nick lived only a block away; therefore, we grew inseparable. When either of us was in a bad situation or predicament, we looked out for one another. Nick contacted me whenever he received an A on an English term paper or when he needed help coping with his girlfriend's

argumentative attitude. He called my mother mom and I named his mother mama. We valued one another regardless of our differences. My mother constantly stated that Nick and I were adopted brothers because we stuck together.

In the fall of 1999, my friend and I both enrolled in a private Catholic school well known for its academic excellence, Bishop Kenny High. Many students considered us to be the clique of two, but it did not concern us at all. However, I began running on the varsity track and field team. Nick, on the other hand, played as our school's...