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Molding & Shaping"¦ What do people do in their spare time? How do they pass hours and hours without getting bored? Well, it's pretty simple, actually. Each person has his or her own hobbies and interests that he enjoys. Whether it's collecting something or playing something, it can be anything. As long as the person enjoys doing it, and does it on a regular basis, it can be classified as a general interest or hobby. Hobbies vary from age to age, maybe at younger ages, a child's hobby might be building paper airplanes, while a teenager's or an adult's hobby could be putting together model planes.

I think my main hobby and area of interest is computers. I got my hands on the Internet for the first time when I was in Hong Kong, which was about 3-4 years ago. I just got a new computer that time, and it was built with a 33.6k

modem. I knew nothing at the time about the Internet; the whole concept was totally new for me. I remember the first time I logged into a chat room; I was talking to a guy in Hawaii. I thought it was awesome how two people could talk across the world, and best of all, it was so convenient.

Soon, I became totally hooked on the net. I started playing PC Games online with other people, and it provided a real challenge. It was a heck of a lot better than playing against some dumb computer, I mean, you're playing against someone else out there, who's actually better than you, and who actually has the ability to kick your"¦ umm"¦ to cream you : )! I still play computer games online, and this is just a past-time hobby for me when I get bored. I also started a coin collection when I was very young, but I'm afraid it hasn't grown for the past few years.

I also like to play basketball with friends, as well as do different kinds of art. I'm really enjoying crafts this year, and I'm really glad that I took the course. Last marking period, we did leatherwork. We cut, carved, embossed, and dyed our leather projects into anything we wanted to make. I made a folder, and I'm pretty proud of it, because I put a lot of hard work and time into it. Even though I don't use the folder, I keep it in my room because it looks good. I was also into sketching last year, but as the summer passed, I grew out of it; I'm not really sure why. I might consider getting back into it. This marking period, in crafts, we're doing stained glass; it's pretty cool. Next marking period, which is coming soon, we'll be doing pottery and ceramic work, and for the last marking period we make jewelry and other things out of silver. Overall, I'd say it's my favorite class, besides English of course : ) .

I'd say that computers and art are the two main things that interest me the most. The Internet, to me, is full of endless things. You can never get bored on the net; there are endless numbers of homepages to visit, and if you're still bored, hey - you can just download all your favorite songs off of Napster! The only bad thing about computers is the constant upgrading needed; there's never an end to what a computer user may want or need. Everyone wants more in his or her computer as technology becomes available. Other than this, I'd say that the only other drawback to the Internet is that it becomes too addictive. It becomes a part of you in a way, where you rely on it for a lot of things, maybe a little TOO much... Art, on the other hand, is a skilled field where creativity and hard work really pays off. It's something that clearly shows how a person is by looking at his or her artwork. Therefore, I'd say my two greatest fields of interests are computers and art.