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Comparison between Little Foxes and To Kill Mockingbird The two books Little Foxes and To Kill a Mockingbird have many characters that compare and contrast each other greatly. Whether it be through their characteristics, or what their actions are, the characters in both books compare and contrast each other at the same time. Almost every character has a contrasting double. The most important characters are the ones who have that double. This is why the characters in both books can be compared and contrasted.

Two of the most important characters, Atticus and Oscar, from both books, are good examples for a compare/contrast situation. Atticus is very manipulative. This is shown in many parts of the book, in such instances as when Atticus compliments the old woman who was previously yelling at Dill, Jem and Scout, to the point where she forgets the whole act had even occurred. However, big events, such as at the jailhouse when the mob comes to get Tom Robinson, Atticus's abilities are apparent.

Even thought Scout is mainly responsible for dispersing the crowd, Atticus shows that he is able to stand up against and get rid of a large angry mob.

Liberto 2 Oscar is manipulative alos, but he uses his skills for different reasons, which affect him differently. He marries into the aristocracy through Birdie. This shows how he can manipulate people because he made her believe that he loved her, when all he really wanted was money, the plantation, and the aristocratic title to his name. Also, the whole plot with Horace's money shows he can be controlling, and also how he thinks of how things work and how they will come together. This is why Oscar and Atticus are both very manipulative, but for different reasons, proving a good compare/contrast situation.

Addie, from Little Foxes, and Calpurnia, from To Kill a Mockingbird reflect each other immensly. Calpurnia is a trustworthy person who is a member of the former slaves society. It is shown that she is trustworthy because Atticus trusts her with the care of his children. Also, because she takes care of them, as in the situation where she told them to get inside because of the rabid dog. This shows that she is a trustworthy character, as is Addie.

Addie is a trustworthy character as is Calpurnia, and just as similar. His is for the same reason: someone entrusting her with the care of a child. In this case, it is Birdie trusting Addie with Zan. This is why both characters are similar, because two main characters entrust their help with the care of their children.

Finally, Jem, Scout and Alexandra are compared and contrasted for the same reason but in different environment. Jem and Scout lose their innocence, as does Zan, but they do as in a whole to society. Meaning, more people are aware that Liberto 3 it has happened. Zan loses her innocence also, but in her case it is with her family knowing that it has occurred.

All of these characters have shown to have a contrasting double or doubles from each book. Whether it be Atticus to Oscar, Addie to Calpurnia, or Jem and Scout to Zan, they are all in the same basic situation. They compare to each other because of the situation they are in, but these situation contrast each other because of the nature of the setting. That is why the before mentioned chracters compare and contrast each other greatly from both books, Little Foxes and To Kill a Mockingbird.