The misgivings of an idle mind

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What is love? What is this mysterious emotion that drives grown men to defy kings, gods and nature for its sake? What is this ambrosia that awakens the blush on a maiden's face and lifts her steps as she walks? I see those around me consumed by love. They seem to live in world filled only with contentment. There is a spring, in her step and a secret smile upon her face. There is a look of longing, within her gaze. And constant absent minded gesture towards her lips. I observe these tidings of love with great interest, for I have never fallen in love. I long for love to trespass into my life, to turn my life into a whirlwind of emotions and activity.

But even though I long to fall in love I am a sceptic, I have seen the outcome of falling out of love. I've seen the heart broken, the tearful faces, and the tattered emotions.

I have seen the pain in one's eyes; their lives seem empty and worthless with out love. The once cheery smile and optimism becomes frowns and weariness. It seems all the good and joy that love has brought them, has turned to questioning and mistrust, with love's loss. I see this decay of human emotions with great sadness and sympathy. To an observer, love has caused more damage, than good. A girl becomes disillusioned about love, after she falls out of love. She no longer sees loves as a joy to be experienced, all she could see is the pain and suffering that love has caused her. She sees her own naiveness and gullibility.

So as an outsider and of a scientific mind, I wish to study love. I hope to describe it one day in all its stages like...