Miracles In Maple Hill

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The book is about a girl named Marly. She talks about her experiences in Maple Hill, where her own grandmother lives. She talks about how their family first came to vacation in Maple Hill. The liked Maple Hill so much, they decided to stay. She and her brother get a closer bond by exploring into the countryside. She learns about all types of plants and fruits in Maple Hill. She enjoys the nature so much. Than one day, their neighbor Mr. Chris gets hurt. He is unable to work on the country and get sap, which could make syrup. If he didn't get the syrup, Mr. Chris would lose a lot of money. Marly and her family work together and help get the sap. After skipping school, a school absence officer comes to see what is wrong. She likes that the kids are helping Mr.

Chris and also are learning about syrup making. She even gets kids to help. With the help, the syrup is gathered and it helps out Mr. Chris. At the end, Marly finds out Mr. Chris is still alive and says that syrup is very good.