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Why do you think it is called Millennium? Millennium is a term that can be viewed at several angles. The one discussed here is "the end." It is a superstition that has been around for many years. Most people have always lived with the expectation that by the arrival of the year 2000 we would either be in a time of great technological advancement or the world would come to an end. Robbie Williams takes cracks at society and the ideals held by it as a whole in this song. The first is in the line "We've got starts directing our fate . . . praying it's not too late." I think this refers to the many obviously phony things people will blindly put their faith into. He also goes into how some people think they control their own lives while others believe that their life controls them. "But we've been making money since the day we were born."

This is not only a reference to him growing up rich, but also to the innate qualities of human nature that make us lean toward gain. There are also people who are so impulsive that they only live for the superficial things in life and nothing more, but end up having to give them up for the necessities of life and then indulge at the first chance they get, only to start the whole vicious cycle again. "Born to hate . . . Sarcasm in my eyes." He obviously believes people were not born this way, but raised into these habits and beliefs. Millennium refers to all of us fading away.