Is A Military Force Still Required For Nations?

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No one is really sure when the first war/conflict was. However, the first act of aggression dates back four thousand years to when our first parents, Adam and Eve's child murdered his brother. Since then war, fighting, conflict, aggression and disputes have plagued history. However, today, most people and leaders like to view themselves as civilized. They feel civilized people should not be going to war, and therefore armed forces are no longer necessary. Yet, countries continue to build arms and maintain huge powerful standing armies. So then the question is raised, is it necessary for nations to maintain military forces? This issue affects everyone. The problem of war affects everyone, whether physically, emotionally or economically. The issue of war exists due to the fact there is the means and power to declare war. So, should countries maintain their forces? Many people would say yes. Their reason? So that another nation would not be able to intimidate or force things upon another, unwillingly country.

A military insures a measure of safety for a country. It also helps the country's economy and gives some weight to what the country has to say. Many would oppose this view, claiming there is no need for armed forces. They state that man is too civilized to go to war. We have learned from past mistakes and will solve all problems with other nations by diplomacy. However, by considering some examples of how "˜civilized' man really is, a person will be moved to feel that armed forces are needed in today's world.

The basic argument is this: Mankind is too unpredictable. The qualities of one person are not the same as someone else. Throughout history, men in power have used their positions for terrible purposes, while some have been good leaders. Consider Adolph Hitler. He...