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A Military Family I have seen many soldiers make life-changing decisions. In my profession, I counsel soldiers on their careers and future in the United States Army. While talking to these young men and women, one would think that there are two types of decisions a soldier makes throughout their military career. For instance, a hasty decision--one that is made because of a present military situation, deployment or separation from family members, and the other type would be an influenced decision--one that is made because of personal or family ambitions. Nevertheless, these decisions not only change the soldiers' lives, but their family's lives also. I for one have made many choices in my life that were in direct response to the influences in my childhood, some good and some bad; family, friends and myself are still feeling the effects of those choices to this day. Several years ago I was faced with a hasty life changing decision; should I stay in the Army, or get out? The decision I made then changed my life today forever.

Being in the military is a tradition in my family. When I was growing up, my grandfather would tell my brothers and I about his career in the Army Air Corps during World War II, and the sense of duty and honor he felt while fighting for his country. Our eyes would light up as he would reminiscence about all the exotic and foreign places he visited during his thirty years of military service. On the other hand my father was very reluctant to tell us his stories, his eyes would fill with tears, as he would tell us about the friends he made and lost during Vietnam, how Americans would riot in the streets and spit on American flag. He...