Microsoft: Products And Competition

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Microsoft: Products and Competition Microsoft is a company that has been a huge threat to any computer programming company trying to get into the computer market. Microsoft dominates almost every area possible in the computer industry except for the body of the computers and providing web services. One of these two areas is about to take a turn for what Microsoft hopes for the best. Microsoft is planning to release a web service that can run on other programs other than Microsoft (i.e. Unix and Linux). The majority of people would know one of these non-Microsoft programs better as Netscape Navigator.

The article that I am using for this paper is "Microsoft to unveil .NET software for non-Microsoft platforms" written by James Niccolai on March 14th. This article does not talk much about any specifics involving the .NET software because it is still a work in progress. The main purpose of this software is for companies that base their web sites on Linux and Unix to be able to use Microsoft.

The .NET software is going to be compatible with Linux and Unix and would allow businesses to use Microsoft software on Linux and Unix. This will be a gateway to allow Microsoft to be able to get more companies to either switch the programs they currently use over to Microsoft programs, or allow companies to use Microsoft software with Linux and Unix.

A large issue that came to surface during the creation of the .NET software is whether or not it would be able to work with Java. Microsoft wanted originally to use a Java type program that would work better with Microsoft software, but a lawsuit from Java put an end to that possibility. Microsoft announced that it would use Java in its' .NET software...