Of Mice and Men

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Of Mice and Men

The book Of Mice and Men is a telling story of two men out to find their paradise. Along the way, they encounter struggles that push both the men to their limits. Lennie, the "overgrown child", is a volatile mixture of unpredictable strength and the inability to exist alone, while George, the "short-tempered loving friend", seems to hold it all together. From the start of their journey, George is burdened with the responsibility of Lennie and often has to make decisions in Lennie's best interest.

One decision that may linger in George's head for eternity, is the choice to mercifully take Lennie's life. After accidentally killing Curley's wife, Lennie fled from the farm to the safe haven near the Salinas River where it was designated they meet in case something went wrong. This place was the closet thing to serenity that the two could ever reach.

There Lennie waited for his companion, his adviser, and ultimately his killer. However, when George put a bullet in the back of Lennie's head, it wasn't out of anger or viciousness; it was most definitely out of love. George knew that it was only a matter of time until the mob of angry farm hands caught up to Lennie and lynched him in the middle of the town. As a matter of fact, the decision to end Lennie's life came as the mob's voices echoed nearer and nearer. The only motive in the shooting was to make sure Lennie died painlessly, and that his place of death was in fact the oasis of their hellish lives. On the side of the river, the flow of the water danced rhythmically along with the hearts of the men. The gates to peace lay hidden in the quiet calm of the surrounding...