Meteora: Live

Essay by TheEhA, May 2004

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Meteora Live

My essay is mainly aimed at people around my age, give or take a few years, who are also into this band, or even just familiar with the scenario or a mosh pit. The purpose of this piece is to show the kind of feelings people experience waiting for a concert as big as this one to start.

It was the 24th of March 2003. I was at a concert hall where Linkin Park, my favourite band, was performing. This certain concert was called Meteora Live, because they were going to play their whole new album (Meteora), and this would be the first time I, or anybody else, had heard any of these new songs. See the reason I wanted to go to this so bad? It would be a whole new type of Linkin Park. I had read on their website that the songs on Meteora would be a lot different to their songs on their first album, Hybrid Theory.

I would be one of the first people in my school to hear their new songs. I needed to go.

While we were filling up the mosh pit, the people who were already there waited impatiently, clearly just wanting the concert to start so that they could enjoy it as much as the mosh security allowed. It was actually my first time at a music concert, so it was an amazing feeling. I could feel the tension in the air, the tension of thousands of Linkin Park fans too excited to speak to each other. The pit was starting to fill out now, and my body was being pressed against others. It was already getting swelteringly hot, and I could feel my t-shirt sticking to my back. We were in a giant oven.