The Metamorphosis

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He first had to edge slowly around the one wing of the door, and do so very carefully if he was not to fall flat on his back just before entering. These maneuvers were very strenuous. Gregor's body was starting to give way to the pain. Control of this force was making his legs tremble and his heart pump faster and faster. He hears a scream come from the kitchen. It is the scream of his mother. She has fallen to the floor in anguish. Gregor's father rushes to her side, while his undeveloped sister searches for the answers on her pillow. The answers never arrive. Grete finally unburies her throbbing head from the pillow. She decides that maybe Gregor isn't going to stay this bug shape. At this time Gregor has made it through the door. Grete and the family gather around him in a violent fashion suggesting a sad ending for Gregor.

Fearing for his life he decides to flee. His legs will not take him. A primal urge swarms upon him. His body will not accept flight. He turns back towards his loved ones and prepares for the worst. To Gregor's delight each member of his family extends their hands to hold him. Feeling the warm teardrops on his back Gregor knows that they must be crying but he can not see them because they are holding him so tight. He has not felt this loved in his lifetime. Gregor has completed the metamorphosis.