Mel gibsons latest movie The Passion Of The Christ, will this movie renew anti-semitic hatred for the jewish people that they have had to deal with for the last thousands of years.

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Mel's passion for anti-Semitism

Hollywood superstar Mel Gibson's upcoming movie about the death of Jesus is anti-Semitic and could renew hatred for the Jews around the world. ' The Passion of The Christ,' is going to ruin the rest of his acting career. He may be known as a nice guy on movie sets, but his reputation as something of a religious bigot is growing. Those with concerns about the film point

out that what is authentic and accurate about Jesus to the conservatives being invited to view the

film might not be so to everyone. Gibson, as a traditionalist who rejects the 1965 Vatican ruling

that Jews were not collectively responsible for killing Jesus, has ideas about Jesus' death that are

not held by everyone. Public denial of the Holocaust by Gibson's father did not help relieve

suspicions of Gibson's anti-Semitic leanings.

The film relies on sinister medieval stereotypes, portraying Jews as blood-thirsty, sadistic

and money-hungry enemies of God who lack compassion and humanity.

Gibson's film comes at a

time of intense concern among Jews, as anti-Semitism has already surged for other reasons in

several countries, especially in Europe and the Muslim world. Many religious authorities are

extremely worried about the film, the Jewish people have had to deal with anti-Semitism over the

matter of Jesus's death for the last two centuries. Gibson, who co-wrote the script for his film,

has said he relied on three sources: the New Testament and two nuns. One of the nuns, Mary of

Agreda, a 17th century Spanish aristocrat, wrote of the Jews involved in Christ's death:

"Although they did not die [they] were chastised with intense pains These disorders consequently

upon shedding the blood of Christ descended to their posterity and even to this day continue to

afflict this group with horrible...