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After reviewing the test results of Lisa's physical, which included blood pressure, pulse, temperature, height and weight, shows that everything is normal. We also studied a sample of her blood, which was compared to Leukemia, Sickle Cell Anemia, and Mononucleosis and it came back negative. (Lab) After reviewing Lisa's symptoms of fatigue, increased thirst and urination, and bruises, which are slow, to heal we have determined that she has type two diabetes. This type of diabetes is the most common and is at greater risk for certain racial groups including African-American. What should happen in the body is that by eating foods high in simple carbohydrates produces starches and sugar. They are sent in the blood stream and transported into the muscles and other tissues after a hormone called insulin has broken down the starches and sugars into glucose. What's happening in type two diabetes is that the body is making insulin but not enough or it could be the fact that the body is not using it efficiently which causes less glucose to be broken down to be used as energy.

This results in a lack of energy, which is what causes her fatigue. By saying that there is little insulin we can also diagnose her with hyperglycemia. Hyperglycemia is a type of diabetes where the blood sugar is too high. Having high blood sugar occurs when there is too little or not enough insulin in the body so it begins to break down fat and muscle tissue to use as energy. Usually in hyperglycemia there is also high levels of sugar in urine. We did test her urine however there are many things that could alter the test results so that they were not accurate. Fluid intake along with the urine concentration would effect the results therefore we will not use the urine as part of our reason for the diagnosis. Even though there is no cure for diabetes there is a good chance that the patients will continue to lead a close to normal life.