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Medea was very stubborn when it came to her pride and how she thought, and she would let no one change her mind. When she was exiled for the kings fear of her doing something evil to Jason and his bride or to him, Jason offered to help her out a little bit with some money and provisions. Being without money, a house, or a homeland, most any woman would've swallowed their pride and taken what Jason was giving, but not Medea. Medea told Jason, "I shall never accept the favors of friends of yours, nor take a thing from you, so you need not offer it. There is no benefit in the gifts of a bad man". Medea, being the strong and clever figure she was, decided instead to take revenge on Jason. After all, what he was doing to her was unnecessary and undeserving. Medea did nothing but go out of her way to help him, and he treated her in horrible ways.

She was not going to sit around like most other woman and take it. So, Medea contrived a plan using the children to take poison over to the bride and king, and then she was to kill off her children. The thought of killing her own children was extremely hard for Medea, but she knew it was something she had to. Also, she'd rather have her children killed by their mother, not some stranger, "And not, by wasting time, to suffer my children to be slain by another hand less kindly to them." After this was all done, Medea got her sweet revenge. Jason was left without a bride, father-in-law, or his only children. Now he would pay like he forced Medea to pay.