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The Matrix It is anticipated that the three most essential characters to have the most affect in the movie were Morpheus, Trinity, and Neo. Morpheus exemplifies the great teacher and father archetypal character, Trinity expresses the heroic female, and Neo personifies the heroic male archetypal character. Because of their extraordinary abilities and strategic thinking, they were able to conquer anything. By working together as a team they lead each other to the final stages of their journey and accomplished their goal. With Morpheus, Trinity, and Neo forming a triune, they all correspond to an archetypal character, each with different powers and symbolic values that are necessary to successfully fight the matrix.

In the movie, Morpheus signifies the great teacher and father archetypal character. This is because he demonstrates that he is experienced, has good leadership skills and has special knowledge that no one else can offer. His main role was to advise and guide the others to what they were looking for.

This is shown when they go and take Neo to see the Oracle, he says, "I can only show you the door, you must walk through it". When Morpheus and Neo are in the training program, he advises Neo to free his mind. By this he means that the matrix does not control him, and by learning that he can free his mind he is also acknowledging that he can bend the rules of the matrix. Which he displays well by doing abstract things such as dodging bullets and leaping tall buildings. Also when Neo first arrives on the ship of Nebuchadnezzar he states that his eyes hurt and Morpheus replies saying, "Because you've never used them before". He simply points out that Neo has been living in the dream world for too long and his eyes...