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Dots as Points The first description of a point is that a point is a dot. A dot is a point. Dotes make up lines on a score board at a baseball game or football game. They also make up your screen of your television. People call these dots or points pixels. Pixels are arranged in a rectangular array of rows and columns which are called a matrix. Every point are dot that makes up a line is either horizontal, vertical or oblique. Horizontal is left to right, vertical is up and down and oblique is a diagonal.

Resolution is how sharp the image comes out. The more dots or points the sharper the image comes out.

Convex & Nonconvex Convex is a set in which all segments connecting points of the set lie entirely in the set. Take a triangle for example. You can take a line that goes in any direction up, down, left, right, or diagonal.

That line will go through the triangle once. It goes in one side and out the other. On the other hand there is such thing that is called a nonconvex set. A nonconvex set is where you can go through a quadrilateral side, out the other side and in another side and out the other all in a straight line. If this occurs then it means that it is not a convex set.