Maternity and Paternity Life.

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I agree that employers should provide three months of paid maternity leave but not so much on paternity leave. Many people today are becoming parents in a world where both men and women work everyday to make a living. When a woman delivers her baby, she expects her employer to understand how crucial the first three months of a baby's birth is and how important the money is those first few months. Women need to be with their new born child because they need to care for them. Men, on the other hand, are part of the baby's life but it's not crucial for them to stay home with the child because the mother is home with the baby.

When a woman is on maternity leave she needs to stay home with her baby because this is the time when the baby needs the mother the most. The mother also needs to stay home because she is very delicate after delivering the baby.

While the mother is home for the first three months of her baby's birth she needs to have money in order to buy food, clothes, and diapers for her child. She needs to be able to get paid from her job while she is on her maternity leave. Some mother's rely on their paycheck because sometimes they are single parent and it's the only income that they are receiving. The mother would return to work if she could but she is unable to due to her condition and the baby's condition. A woman I know got fired for not being able to return to work when her boss requested her to. She couldn't return to work because she was still very fragile and her baby needed her. Another example is in college, a professor couldn't take...