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Kiss me now A woman sends "kiss me now" messages in a variety of ways.

Staring into his eyes with a subtle look of longing.

Moving in close, touching her date on the shoulder or arm, wetting her lips, and sighing in a slightly suggestive manner.

Lightly running her finger across his lower lip while smiling softly.

Staring at his lips as the two of them move closer till only inches apart.

In order for these messages to work, a woman must flirt, letting the man know his advances are desired and assure him that the interest is mutual. And men must pay attention to the subtleties of communication and slowly test the romantic waters.

Want to know how to show him you care? Get the .

No tongue on a first kiss. Too much too soon and the sexy subtleties fall by the wayside.

Eyes open for those long, lingering gazes that lead up to a kiss but closed when you get too close for visual comfort.

Kiss with more than your lips, when appropriate. Touch; let your body be part of the kiss. Run your fingers through his hair. Pull her closer to you. Embrace each other.

Communicate, especially when kissing problems occur. Do so in a positive, non-judgmental manner. Tell each other what you like. Better yet, show each other.

Be a great kisser Relax, let go and get swept up in the sensation.

Convey with your lips what your heart is feeling.

Avoid predefined gender roles.

Assert, explore and submit indiscriminately.

Enjoy the charged moments before a first kiss.

Linger in the excitement and uncertainty.