Maraschino Cherry and The Impact On The Oregon Economy

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Cherries are They Really an Economic Boost?

Oregon lately has been going through what analysts call a recession. Every part of the Oregon economy seems to be taking a little bit of hit it seems like in the economy part of their business. Not the cherry industry though, the cherry industry in Oregon for the past couple of years has been on the rise. When it comes to agriculture the article is pointed towards adults and teenagers that would read the food section in the Oregonian. The maraschino cherry is one of many cherries that are helping Oregon's economy to get back to normal. When you think about cherries you usually think about a cherry on top of ice cream sundae. Well that's a maraschino cherry. People around the world love cherries especially on ice cream sundaes. This is great news for the producers of the cherries because their product will always be in demand because no one can resist the great taste of ice cream.

Everyone loves an ice cream sundae every once in a while at least. In 1997 the cherry industry was worth an estimated $24 million dollars into Oregon's economy. This in turn brings a significant amount of money into the Oregon economy. Oregon is the biggest supplier of maraschino cherries in the United States. By being the biggest supplier we profit the most which in turn is a good thing for the economy to get back into gear. In the overall economy of Oregon cherries are the 14th most profitable agricultural commodity right behind winter pears. Throughout the last couple of years the cherry industry keeps growing and growing profits which is why the cherry is so highly ranked in the agricultural field.

When there is a positive there is always a...