Manifest Destiny

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Manifest Destiny There are many case's of so called "Manifest Destiny" all over the world. Great examples of manifest destiny are in the history of the United States. Manifest destiny, in my words, is one country or power of people taking over another for the fact that they think it is there obligation and right to do it.

In the United States there have many case's of manifest destiny in their history. Such as with Mexico, the Hawaiian islands, and Oregon. In Mexico, the United States wanted to originally buy California and other states from them. But Mexico refused, as a result war came around. The U.S. needed a way to justify themselves in taking over these territories. After many battles with the Mexican army, the United States won and then took over these areas.

Germany also has had many cases of manifest destiny. After World War 2 began in 1939, the Germans took over country after country in Europe.

With this, many Jews were now under the German control. At first the Germans moved Jews into walled ghettos. This was only a temporary thing for the Jew's. Germans then sent many of the Jews to forced work camps and much worse concentration camps.

In 1941 the Nazi government decided to complete the final decision of "The Final Solution of the Jewish Question." This policy called for every Jewish man, woman, and child to be killed. The Jew's were then taken from ghettos and deported on trains to extermination camps. When the first arrivals came they were shot where the stood. But many SS's could not handle this so a more impersonal killing was sought after.

This brought the Jew's to death by gassing. Some were put into sealed showers only to be gassed. Others were...