Manifest Destiny

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Manifest Destiny Manifest Destiny is the idea that the expansion of white Americans across the continent was inevitable and ordained by god. Since the beginning of time people have migrated from place to place, in order to better suit the development of their thriving race. Americans have immigrated for other reasons, whether it is war, or political injustices. Americans have been one of the most influential races of all time. Americans have always been the mentor of all races, and Senator Thomas Hart Benton, felt the same way. He firmly believed in American influence in Asia.

Senator Benton presented a speech to the United States Senate in 1846, concerning the spread of the Caucasian race to spread to Asia. He states that the Anglo race is far above all other races, and that Asia would benefit from an American influence. He states that the white race has been given a divine command to subdue and replenish the earth.

Making a statement as firm as that, you can bet Senator Benton heard a lot of criticism. He replies to such criticism by saying that thirty years ago, the white race spreading to the Rocky Mountains was ridiculed, and today it is becoming history, and he argues that Asia will also become a part of history.

In his speech he defines the different races as a hierarchy. He says that the white race is on top, followed by the "yellow" or Mongolian, above black and above "brown" or Malay, and far above the "red" or Indian.

Senator Benton also believed that "the van of the Caucasians, and the rear of the Mongolians must intermix." He goes on to say that they should not only intermix, but also trade together, talk together, and marry together. He says" commerce is a great civailizer-social...