Managing Customer Service

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Case Study: Managing Customer Service

"Customer service is the most direct tools we use for building up loyalty, attracting repeat business, generating word-of-mouth and boosting our profits" (Cole 2001, p307). Statistics studies Shows 80% of the business sales are coming from 20% of the customers. Providing customer with excellent services that gain their loyalty is the most vital element for a business to survive in today's extremely competitive markets.

Part A. Develop a customer service plan

High quality customer service comes with the support of a good customer service plan. Clear mission and vision statement is what each organization must have to define their own identity. In this case I make my as:


"To continually improve our self and provide customer with sensational service"


"Through the relentless pursuit of excellence, we will be the most preferred hotel accommodation service in Australia"

There are 6 major planning steps involve in the making process of the customer service plan, they are:

1. Establish a realistic goal and targets

2. List all the things that will need to happen in order to achieve the goal

3. Sequence the activates involve in the process

4. Communicate the plan to those who will be involved

5. Implement the service plan

6. Check and monitoring the result

As for my hotel I have set up two goals, both long term and short term.

Short-term goal: "Promote TQM to the employees, aim to achieve 0% customer complaints, increase the amount of customer appraise and the rate of our return customers" (time: 1-2years)

Long-term goal: "Continually to improve our service standard and by the year 2013 our hotel chain will have 40% of the total market shares"

Customers is moving target to our business, we must keep on change our self in different...