Man Vs. Machine

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Does man feel comfortable facing his creation? What role must he take to face the knowledge inundation that he himself freed? Machines complement human labor when they become more productive at the jobs they perform, but machines can also substitute for human labor by taking over human jobs. Which is better? As of now, many migrant workers are moving to California because new machines such as tractors have replaced their duties and are thereby forcing them to find a new career. Although the progression of improvement can lead to sorrow for some such as the migrant workers, it brings a more efficient life style and more jobs in the long run.

It has become apparent that one's whole life can be destroyed in a split second via a new invention. At first, Darwin's theory of survival of the fittest only pertained to evolution and living organisms, but now we see that the idea of technology is also pertinent to his theory of competition.

Humans have always fought with technology, but have not realized that machines arise from ideas, which come from the minds of humans. These machines are created for people by people to live their lives in a more efficient and relaxed lifestyle.

Agriculture has many components, in which manual work is required, and therefore faming provides many jobs, but the tenant farmers rely on traditional, old farming routines. Nowadays, machines are capable of making land cost-effective, and thus landowning banks send in tractors and dozers to do equivalent jobs more proficiently and in a less amount of time. These old-fashioned farmers must move along at the same pace as the speed of technology. They must conquer the new ideas and inventions, and work for the new industries.

For example, at first the inventions of the automobile might have caused some people to lose their jobs in specific fields such as horse-buggy transportation, but as we know now it has bettered the economy, made transportation more efficient and faster, and has provided Americans with much more jobs. Americans sought for an enhanced technique to go from one place to another, and Mr. Henry Ford decided to invent a combustion engine, which later sparked the invention of the car. He is the founder of Ford Motor Company, and his Model-T car has become the first affordable car in America. It is easier now for people to get to work or to go on vacation. The demand for these cars is growing, and therefore the supply must be just as large. Henry Ford is not able to make enough cars for all of his customers single-handedly, so he has extended his factories all over America. In doing this, he has improved our economy. There are more jobs, factories, and profits since he has begun his auto industry. The construction of the factories will fortify the financial system of America in the future.

The invention of machines provides people with more jobs. With new technology, industry can make convenient, comfortable, and reasonably priced products. The increased productivity makes products affordable to the public and increases society's demand for the product. This then allows more people to work for the new developed industries.

Life is a battle to survive. No matter if it is lived by conducting manual labor or using the assistance of machines, one must put food on the table some way. Machines enhance our everyday lifestyle, and make our lives more at ease. We have progressed from cavemen to civilized human beings because of the power of our minds to imagine and discover new ideas about living in a decent world. These ideas later produce machines, which then create industries and jobs for us to make our money and invest it in new ideas. The cycle of improvement is never-ending cycle and technology will always advance. Who knows what the future will bring.