The Man From Snowy River - Movie Review

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The Man From Snowy River - Movie Review

The fantastic Australian masterpiece made in 1981, based on the classic poem written by Banjo Patterson, The Man From Snowy River, is a marvellous movie about love, conflicts and of course horses. The story begins with the tragic and unexpected death of the father of Jim Craig (Tom Burlinson), Henry Craig. Also, Jim's beloved horse, Bess, runs off with the brumbies that caused the death of Henry Craig. This incident makes Jim realise he has to leave his loved home and go out on his own, looking for a job.

After helping with an uncontrollable colt, A.B. Patterson offers Jim a decent job at his farm that he cannot refuse. Another problem for Jim Craig is that the bank is claiming his father's land, so Jim attempts to claim back what is rightfully his. On the farm, Jim meets his first love, the pretty Jessica Harrison (Sigrid Thornton) and their relationship develops throughout the movie.

It started off as Jim liking Jess, but Jess not accepting him. When Jim starts working more at the farm, Jessica's love started to grow for Jim and finally both of them love each other. The truly cement their relationship, Jim saves Jess' life after she rides away from the farm and falls onto a cliff ledge.

On Jim Craig's independent journey he also meets Spur and Harrison, two brothers (both acted by Kirk Douglas) separated for a long time because of an unforgivable disagreement about winning the heart of the prettiest woman in their neighbourhood. With Spur, the best friend of Jim Craig's father, and Harrison, the father of Jim's newfound love, who knows what could happen with Jim and Jessica, stuck in the middle of it all.

The story is excellent with...