The man down the road

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This is a creative story I created for my English class and I got a A-. It can help others come up with stories like mine and its fun and different from other creative stories you have seen!

The man down the road

Down the road there was a man who was an odd on. It was dark and the leaves in the air were blowing all over the place.

"Hey! You there! Are you ok?" Andrew asked in a scared voice. Andrew's mother always said to help sick people even if they're strangers, right after his brother disappeared.

"Uhh... Do I know you? Can we go to the mountains?"asked the man, walking towards Andrew.

"I don't think I know you, but I can take you to the hospital," said Andrew

"Sure man! So we are going to the mountain!"

"Yes, yes we are going to the hospit..mountain,"

said Andrew, guiding the man to his car knowing that this man has mental illness.

Andrew put the man in the backseat and hurried to the hospital. Andrew kept looking at the man and he saw a familiar face.

"What's your name?" Andrew asked in a very happy tone.

"John butthead," said the man in a low voice.

"Butthead? That's what my brother always said to me when we were young,"said Andrew remembering the good old days.

"Really? Is your brother at home?" asked John in a voice that seemed getting happier.

"He disappeared and he's probably dead," said Andrew in a sad voice.

Andrew made it to the hospital and parked his car. He helped John get out and carried him inside.

"May I help you," said a doctor walking by.

"Yes! Yes! This man is sick and I found him walking in a park," said...