The main features of Fauvism, Expressioism and Cubism

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The main features of Fauvism, Expressionism, and Cubism

Expressionism as an art form could be loosely defined as a movement of artist's that wanted to break free from the conventional art movements of the time and express themselves individually, free from the constraints of their fellow artist's ideals. They wanted to be able to express emotion and feeling in their work.

The work that falls under the classification of expressionism is widely varied in its style and appearance. Some elements of expressionism were particularly abstract. The way that the artist expressed a view or opinion to the viewer was often done with very personal use of colour and abstraction. The movement was influenced by artists such as Vincent van Gogh, Van Gogh's work was often emotion based, as were most expressionists. An artist who was particularly influenced by Van Gogh was a Norwegian painter named Edvard Munch. Munch was the quintessential expressionist.

His ghostly paintings reflected his emotional state in their colouration and style.. The main features of expressionism would have to be its emotional inspiration and personal flexibility in the construction and appearance of the works.

Expressionism continued moving forward and at around the time that fauvism and cubism were starting up an offshoot of expressionism appeared in the form of a band of students that were untrained as artists but began painting in an emotionally oriented way. They were largely focused on digressing from realism by using abstract lines and colours. These artist were called the Die Bruck group the main differences this group showed were a distinctly simplified style in which the works could carry a greater emotional impact. Six years later a shorter lived expressionist group called Der Blaue Rieder held an exhibition in Europe. There work never involved sad or morbid subject matter and showed...