A Machivellian View On People Vs Money In Buisness Today.

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"˜It is nature of men to be bound by thebenifts they confer as much as by those they receive'. Living today in North America we live in a capitalist society, in which the attainment of matirial wealth is at the utmost importance, however order to aquire such goals it is prudent to remember that one must use people as a base for their power, and such employees are the most valuable asset to a buisness.

In our society one must attain material wealth in order to be respected or to have any sort of power. In the attainment and maintainance of this wealth generosity is often be discarded. Many have come to be by virtue of their generosity, and many others, because they where well known for their generosity. You are either one of the rich and powerful people in our society today, or you are on your way to attain that status.

In the first case your generosity will be the cost; and in the second it is necessary for you to maintain an air of generosity for the masses. Bill Gates is one of those who wanted to establish his own power in our global economy, but if he had not maintained his air of generosity to his own employees through tactics such as company shares, and the guarantee that ones job will still be waiting for them if they take a temporary furlough to pursue other endeavors. His employees would soon lose morale and Mr. Gates would not have been the powerful person he is today.

Again some may say that many have reached through the conquering of other companies that are in direct competition with them, and having a great reputation for generosity among their own employees. To this I say that there are two types of businessmen in our world today. Those who give away what are theirs, and those that give away what belongs to others. Those that follow the first method must be extremely wise with how they choose to distribute their funds, and often fall victim to the necessity of employee cutbacks. The businessman who lives by the hostile takeover and the method of destroying all others who oppose him must maintain a free hand with his expenses or his employees will son refuse to follow his edicts. You can be as liberal as you choose to be with what does not belong to you or your employees. Once you have taken over another company you do not take responsibility to the employees of that are of the other company as if they where your own, they are aliens to your business empire and must be treated as such. Giving away what belongs to strangers in no way affects your standing with your own company: rather it increase it. There is nothing so self-defeating as generosity to complete strangers, in the act f practicing such generosity you will often lose the ability to practice it upon your own people, and in doing so you will become poor, and seeking to avoid the line of poverty.

A businessman must not fear reproach from others for being ruthless and cruel so long as he keeps his employees loyal to his own cause. By making an example or two of those employees that are lagging behind in their productivity they are not being overtly cruel to those few people. They are preventing such modalities from spreading throughout his work force, and keeping the overall community of the workers strong. Therefore protecting his own people from other such businessmen from attacking them in similar methods, this practice ensures employees remain loyal to your own cause.

In conclusion, in order to survive in this dog eat dog world of capitalism one must look at the bottom line first and how it affects your personal wealth, and only then may you give away to others what is your own personal surplus, and one must always remember generosity starts at the home.