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Q. A visit from the 3 witches, Am I worthy of my destiny? While coming back from battle after having glorious victory, Banquo and I saw unusual figures. We thought that they were some sorts of aliens but later on we got to know that they were supernatural beings with unknown power by which they could predict our future. These beings, witches, had granted me three prophecies, to be "˜Thane of Glamis', "˜Thane of Cawdor' and "˜King'. Did the witches not know that I already am Thane of Glamis? Perhaps. However they did know that that I would be Thane of Cawdor, which is correct. The old Thane is gone according to what Ross has said therefore the statement must be true. The third prophecy keeps bothering me. Am I destined to be King of Scotland? Will fate take me there? "¦ My God, I am and it will take me there! If it doesn't I'll force it.

I have been serving King Duncan for a very long time; it was because of me that our army was able to defeat Sweno. And this is all I get, one piece of lousy land, after all I've done. And what does Duncan do, he makes his son Prince of Cumberland! "¦ Now for me to be king, I will not only have to get rid of Duncan but his son as well. Since Duncan is coming over to my place it would be easier to kill him, and this way in less time I will become king, and so my lady seems to agree with it. I, Macbeth, will be king and will rule Scotland in the palm of my hand, just like the prophecy stated.