Lysistrata what roles in the play does she have, and how she is an atypical woman in Ancient Greece

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Lysistrata takes on many roles throughout the play named after her. These roles include: leader, problem solver, and spokesperson for the women. She is an atypical female; in Ancient Greece because she goes out and does things that most women would not even think about doing. Lysistrata is a strong woman who should not be challenged. It is unusual for a woman who has the self-confidence to think she can stop a war that has been going on for sometime. Her idea of having all the women withdraw from sex unless the men agreed to stop fighting shows Lysistrata determination to make peace and most importantly get the men back.

The first major role that Lysistrata takes on in the play is that of a leader. The definition of a leader according to is "one that leads or guides". Lysistrata exemplifies this role many times throughout the story. She leads and guides the women to stand up for something.

The most important time is when she calls a meeting for all of the women in Greece to get together and talk about a way to end the war between the cities of Greece. "Lysistrata: Very well, I'll tell you. No reason to keep a secret. We can force our husbands to negotiate Peace. Ladies, by exercising steadfast Self-Control By Total Abstinence"(Aristophanes 359-360). That quote gives an example of how Lysistrata is a leader. It shows that she is willing to get all the women to follow her for a common goal. That isn't the only time she leads in the story. She again leads when she gets the women to help her thwart the advancement of the archers on the Akropolis.

The second role that Lysistrata takes during the story is the fact that she is a...