Lydia Being Dependent

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Lydia and Being Dependent Lyddia and being dependent. Dependent means: one who depends; one who is sustained by another, or who relies on another for support of favor; a hanger-on; a retainer, not independent. Lyddia was dependent also was Ezekial and Brigid. Lyddia was dependent because she depend on Diana to taught her how to run the looms and to taught her to write. Ezekial was dependent on Lydia because with out money Ezekial would not have made to the north to become free. Brigid was dependent on Lyddie also because Brigid did not know her way around or how to run the looms. That is who was dependent and why.

This dependency on Lyddie changed by the end of the story. It changed when everyone left Lyddie. When everyone left Lyddie had on one to depend on. She could not depend on Diana because she was pregnant.

Also she could not depend on Besty because she when to Oberlin College.

Prudence went home sick so Lyddie could not depend on her. That is why Lyddie could not depend on anyone to help her.

When Lyddie could not depend on anyone she was happy and sad.

Lyddie was happy because she learned to be independent. Also Lyddie leaned to find for her self. Lyddie was also sad because she had no friends to have fun with and depend on. That is why Lyddie was happy and sad.

Dependency is what all people need to work as a team because you need to depend on your peers to do something. For example if person A assigns person B something to do person A is depending on person B to get it done. Lyddia was dependent until everyone up and left her all alone. Lyddia was so warped up in...