Love In Time Of Cholera

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Love in the Time of Cholera This book starts off with a story of an old couple. The lady's name is Fermina Daza and her husband is Dr. Urbino a wealthy doctor. The doctor gets news that an old friend of his Jeremiah de Saint-Amour dies and is called to his house to identify the body. While he's at his house he finds a letter that Jeremiah left for him. In this letter Jeremiah tells the doctor that he was living a secret life. In the letter he leaves him the address of his mistress. He asks the doctor to tell her that he has died and to give her a separate letter that he left for her. The doctor was very disappointed in finding out that he had a mistress. The doctor felt betrayed almost as if he didn't know his best friend. After this Dr. Urbino goes into this deep depression.

At home his wife Fermina and him live the life of two people who are comfortable with each other. They don't really love each other they just stand each other, they've been married for 50 years 9 months and 4 days. On this last day Dr. Urbino is playing with a talking parrot that he has, when all of a sudden it takes off running and climbs into a tree. Dr. Urbino grabs a latter and tries to climb it to catch the bird but because of his old age and weakness he falls off the latter from a high altitude and he dies. Fermina is sad but not surprised since the doctor was 10 years her senior she was already expecting it. The news of this wealthy doctor's death spreads over town. After the wake of her husband a man by the name of Florentino Ariza...