Love poetry coursework

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Love Poetry Coursework

Choose two pomes which offer different treatment of the theme of love examine the poet's style tone and subject matter.

Coursework is a structured piece of writing based upon the knowledge which we have gained from several years of being taught with rules and regulations, with estimations and predictions, class quotas to fill and deadlines to meet. The assigned topic... love how inappropriate!

Love dose not have boarder lines and boundaries. Its needs no expectations or a stable dictionary definition but only mortal realisation others to depict its extremities have exists on so many different planes, beyond that of which we can comprehend. The only place where we can begin to understand and define, step by step is in the surreal world of poetry and spoken in the mystical undertones of the humans very essence though naivety and purity.

The poems which I have chosen to study are "a red red rose" by Robert Burns an eloquent heart rendering piece which paints the picture of love to be like a strong evergreen fir tree viewing it as the foundation of simplicity without undermining its completely he continuously stresses the naturalness of the emotion by his use of personifying love though the most basic earthly elements.

Humbling it with the majesty of pure innocence, whilst redefining it as a greater state of the human psyche. My other chosen poem is "Valentine" by Carol Anne Duffy. This piece systematically destroys all that the masses hold as scared icons to love she takes the words of just one and it allows her mutilate so many. We see through her simplicity and bluntness everything commercially associated with love does not always present the emotional deterrence or growth of this unearthly experience. We are not wowed or stunned to tears of...