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Love perhaps has no real definition, but can be described as a feeling. It is only what is made to be by each person, and ideas change. Poetry, being the embodiment of everything, can be interpreted differently by each individual to his or her desires. It is also so with love. The most significant insight about love gathered from the various love poems is pure and unconditional love. Each poem talks about love not direct, but mysterious. The small things are those that make love pure. The deep feelings and emotions that aren't physical makes love pure.

Unconditional love is doing things for someone who appreciates it and cannot not be accomplished without the help of that person. "I and Thou" is a good example because a man cannot survive without a wife. The end result to his work is meaningless with out someone to share his life.

"He is Happy" involves unconditional love because even though something comes between them, the two still love each other. Two people trusting, sharing, and giving, enjoying everyday to be alive is love. Being there for each other until their dying day. Their happiness is found in each other. Two people seeing love's sweet dream come true is the meaning of unconditional love. It's all about the love that doesn't wear off, doesn't fade.

Pure love is found when two people are brought together just because of the little things that can amuse them all day as demonstrated in "Strawberries". In the poem "Medicine", grandma is the ultimate example of pure love. The warmth grandpa feels from her presence beside him, comforts him like no other medicine. It seems as if all the authors have their own way of presenting the theme of pure love but get the message through that pure love is found deep within and cannot be broken because of attributes. Theodore Roedoke's way of showing love in his poem, is the pure love that is still found in a man's heart even if his loved one has trouble with the world. Pure love is when two loved ones, no matter who is right or wrong and they'll always be there for each other and in one another's heart.

Even if the authors didn't mean for their work to represent pure and unconditional love, that was the message perceived. "He being Hefty and She Full-Figured" gives an example of love that will never fade and "My House" depicts a woman that does everything for her loved one because that's what makes her happy. The directive was merely the same throughout all the poems and that was no matter what their loved ones did, said, looked like, or happened between them their pure and unconditional love would never vanish.