Lord Of The Flies

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The novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding is a story of the inner evil which all humans. Golding attempts to prove that people are innately evil, however the innate evil only is only apparent out under certain circumstances. These circumstances are group of young adolescents are stranded on and island without adult supervision. Similar to any group of people that are stranded on an island, the boys elect a leader, and that leader is given the power to create rules. The boys also establish a group of hunters and elect Jack the leader of the hunters group. Contrary to Geldings’ beliefs that humans are innately evil, the boys on the island demonstrate that they create society and hope and power with the conch, piggys glasses, and the fire on the island.

A court begins with the mallet hitting the desk. The boys, use the sound of the conch to bring them together.

Piggy talks about his neighbor who had a conch shell, “A conch he called it. He used to blow it and then his mum would come. It’s ever so valuable- ”(15). Ralph gets the idea to use it to bring order to the island and call them when necessary brings them together. In addition to the starting of a meeting the conch brought them some security on the island making it very valuable to the boys. Jack complains about the conch, “I haven’t finished yet. But you’ve talked and talked! I’ve got the conch.”(81-83). The conch gives every boy the same rights on the island, the rights to speak freely. The conch can give them a sense of civilization and order on the island.

“Didn’t you hear the conch?”(177). Even when all the boys are with Jack the conch still brings order and rules. It represents...