Little Mexican Girl

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In a small town in Mexico lived a 18 year old girl named Mary. She lived with her grandparents in a very worn down shack because her parents wwere burned when she was three years old in their house. Her grandparents raised her to believe in herself and everything she does. They taught her that they lived happy no matter in what conditions they lived in. Mary was such a funny and virtous girl eveyone in the town loved her and went all the way to her town just to hear her tell jokes. One day though a young man named Sergio from the capital came to see one of her comedie shows. He came with his mother and sister to come seee Mary and also make her an offer to make jokes at a family gathering they were going to have at their house in the capital of Mexico. Mary jumped at the offer and told her grand parents that if she took this offer they would give her one thousand dollars, and most likely get hired from other people that were there to hear the jokes, Her grandparents didN't like the thought of this but Mary convinced them because they both knew they needed the money because Marys grandmother was very ill. Mary packed her best clothes which were in very bad conditions and got picked up early ther very next morning. When she arrived in sergios beatiful mansion in the capital she was completley overwhelmed and to some point scared she had never seen a house like this before. That night th e guests came for the show and she gave an outstanting performance.Eveyone was content with her jokes and a lot of people came up to her making her more offers this was what she exactly was expecting. She noticed Sergio looking at her though very much. He managed to see her through the crowd of people that were their. After everyone went away he aked her to go for a walk with him in the garden she went with him and there he told her how attractive she was and how he thought she was so nice and humble. She liked what he told her and thought he was such a nice guy, he wasn;t like the other rich people that only like their own kind. He asked her to stay for a while and she did. Until one day Sargios girlfriend Na talie had came from a trip. She asked who Mary was and thought the family was crazy to have such scum staying in their house. She later on after dinner caught Sergio looking at Mary and then went up to her to give her a kiss good nigfht on the lips. Natalie infuriated went to his mothers room in tears telling her to kick mary out of the house as soonb as possible. Sergio's mother didn't want to because Mary was such a nice girl and eveyone in the house started to love her. Natalie had to come up with a plan to get Mary out of the house ,so shae framed Mary and made it seem like Mary was steeling Sergio's mothers jelwery.

Sergios mother was so shocked and upset that she called the police and got her arrested. Sergio did not know who to believe until he heard Natalie talking to the house keeper about what she had done. He then tried to help Mary but was very scared because his mother would never believe him. He managed to get Mary out of jail but not back into his house. Mary had to go back to her home town by the coast of Mexico to her grandparents. She had three thousand dollars on her and was able to buy medicine for her grandmother and a decent apartment in the next town over. Sergio despeartley looking for her didn't find her because she had moved. He then went to the priest int the church Mary went to and he gave him information. He looked for her and found the apartment she lived in. Mary did not want to be involved with him because there was enough trouble already bu t he insisted.