Literature: Comparison Love and War by Trevor M. McDowell

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Trevor M. McDowell

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Love and War

All is fair in love and war, a well known quote. Does this quote hold certain truths? Although they may seem very different the quote may hold true. How is love fair? How is war fair? There could be a romantic viewpoint behind it, or perhaps a bleak one. These two completely contrasting subjects are rather comparable. The one thing that holds certain for both though is that there are no reversible actions. This is love and war.

War, love, love... war, both a double edged sword, each swinging its prosperity and downfalls. Love can be a cruel thing until you find the perfect someone. Until then hardships, letdowns, and emotional scars are a result. The pain felt by being hurt emotionally is incomparable to any physical pain as it is a pain that causes scarring deep within oneself, reaching into their very soul.

The same holds true for war. The hardships dealt with, death always lingering in the air. Emotional wounds that would take a life time to change. This isn't long enough to comprehend the horrors that are war. Irreversible actions that are permanently engraved into the fabric of history. Forever etched into the minds of those who were left in the wake of its destruction. An example would be the Viet Nam war. Returning veterans had developed various levels of post traumatic stress syndrome, an unfortunate condition that remains with them for most or the rest of there lives.

During the romanticism period in writing history, war was a very popular subject. Why war? It had action, hardships, and many truths. War is man at his worst, yet also most vulnerable. His heart is open for attack, emotions must be tossed aside. This holds true...