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Running is an excellent thing to do to look and feel great. Sticking to a routine of running everyday is something that track provides. In track, I run the 1600-meter relay. Not everyone can run this event, but for the people who can, they usually go by these steps in order to get ready for the race.

If you want to succeed in running, I would suggest no pop. I'm suggesting this because if it's still in your system when you're running, it can cause you to get a side-ache. If you eat healthy meals and snacks, that'll also help. Sticking to this sort of diet helps a lot more than you'd think it would, especially with the side-aches and upset stomach problems.

Before you race, you have to get dressed. If it's cold out, then you can wear tights or a turtleneck under your uniform. Spikes are the next articles of clothing you put on.

You can throw on a sweatshirt while your warming up, but remember to take it off before you race. Going to the bathroom can be very important too, because you don't want to feel the urge to go right before your race.

Warming up is one of the most important steps. I start by doing yoga. Yoga helps to relax my muscles, and helps my breathing. Butt-kicks, high-knees, karoke, and high-jumps may seem like they'd just make you tired, but you really need to do them before you race. They all help you loosen up and warm up, so you don't pull a muscle.

Before I run any race, I should always have a strategy, or plan of how I'm going to run. The strategy I use is to sprint, then stride on the long stretch, then sprint as soon as I hit the corner. I keep this in my mind, and concentrate really hard on it, that way I'll be prepared to race just the way I've planned to.

A lot of different feelings run through my mind before and after the race. Nervousness always gets to me and always makes me have a negative attitude. I always feel I'm going to let everyone on my team down by doing bad. When I'm actually running the race, I get this feeling that I should push myself, so that no one looks at how bad I did, but instead looks at how good I did.

Now finally the race is about to start. Since I'm running second, the first person steps up to the line, then the gun is shot. She runs once around, and as soon as she gets ten feet away from me, I take off and put my left hand back "˜til finally the baton is in it. I start running faster than I was and then switch the baton to my right hand. As soon as I get to the straightaway, I start to stride, then start sprinting as soon as I hit the corner. When I reach the third person, I hand off the baton, then get off the track. After that, I try to get my breathing back to normal by walking around, and sit down and stretch because I get so tired. After everyone is through with running, I then go to see how I did by checking what time I got. All I can do then is just hope! That concludes the steps of running the 1600-meter relay. Although not everyone can run it, it is still a fast and exciting race to watch!