Life Skills Speech This is an oral that was used to convince people to vote for my acadmic portfolio for a position on the Education Board of Hervey Bay.

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In only 8 months we face the greatest transition of life. Soon, many of us will be leaving home and will be out on our own. We will no longer be protected by our parents, we will be able to do what we want, whenever we want, we will be free. But this new found freedom will come at a price. We will have to learn to live away from home. We will have to learn about the real world. And we will have to learn about life. And for many of us here, we know nothing about life.

I am Ryan, and I will be running for the Academic portfolio. The academic portfolio is more than just school grades, OP results and QCS tests. It a portfolio that should include everything we are taught in school. This includes life skills, social skills, and relationship skills. I am here to make the academic portfolio so much more than what it currently is.

During this speech I plan to show you how unprepared we are for life after school, and, how we can fix this. Through elective classes we can learn how to handle life after school.

School teaches us many important skills. However, it neglects so many important life skills as well. We see year after year what happens to those people who leave school with no idea how to handle this great transition in life. We see year after year the unpreparedness in so many of those leaving school, and I am here to make sure it stops.

Living in a small town like ours unfortunately limits what life skills we can learn. We are all in our own little bubble, use to a relatively quiet life in what is a relatively quiet town. Many of us here...