Life Expectancy for the State of Kentucky. This was an assignment in a math class... ENJOY! It is missing Pictures so if you need them let me know...

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Have you ever wondered how long the average life expectancy for Kentucky is? Well I have been wondering so I decided to find out by working on a project about the average life expectancy in Kentucky. I figured that after I got done then all of the insurance companies that offer life insurance to Kentuckians and even Kentuckians themselves would use this information. First the insurance companies might charge more if the average death age is 80 and you started paying for life insurance when you were 75 because they can only expect around 5 years of payments for like a $100,000 policy then they would be losing money, so to cover the profit lost by raising the monthly payments than if you started paying at age 5. You may be asking how I gathered my data. Well that all I had to do is go and look into the Herald Leader which has obituaries for all over the state.

So I just limited my data which I will show you how later.

I estimated that the average length of life in Kentucky would be around 82 years of age. My main reason for estimating this number is that while looking through the obituaries I found that most people were around 70-80 but the majority was in the upper 80's so if was to average it out your average should be a little bit more than 80 since the majority of the numbers were in the upper 80's instead of lower 80's.

I will use the obituaries in the Lexington Herald Leader because they offer information on deaths all through out the state of Kentucky. When I started to look through the obituaries I had to eliminate all of the "In Loving Memory of..." columns because some of those were...