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, dear Tom ,Lyle, Sarah and Sam First of all let us congratulate Tom: Tom we wish you good health, family happiness , and further successes in the field of teaching .Let all your dreams come true!!! And, of course, congratulations upon the acquisition of the new truck! Thanks a lot for sending us a letter which we've gotten about three weeks ago.It was really neat to hear from you and find out how you're doing.Now let me say a few words about our life here. We all are doing fine.my dad's business seems to be on a rise although the present economic situation in Russia is not yet very favorable for private enterprising.All the economic activity has sort of freezed waiting for the outcome of the presidential elections. As far as it seems not many people have made up their minds about whom they gonna vote for .Besides

every week we see a new candidate emerging on a political scene. Yet the global question "who is mr. Putin?" remains unanswered.

I "˜ve heard that presidential elections campaign in states is on the swing ,too. What do you think about it's possible outcomes? Well, I think it's enough of politics for one letter since this side of Russian life brings nothing but uncertainty and disappointment.

Back to my family business We are getting ready to move to another apartment which is much larger than our present one.We "˜ve figured that our 3-rooms are definitely not enough for four persons.In addition the lack of space causes territory conflicts between me and my sister who has grown up enough to start wantin' a "piece of land of her own".So now we are all busy furnishing and preparing for living our new home.

Another major news is that I have finally obtained my driving license. The only thing I lack now is a car. I hope to earn some money this summer to buy a used one.

My university studies are going fine.I got straight "As" on the last exam session so now I get a raised scholarship (which is not a great deal of money).This semester we are to chose a field for further specialization. I have now to decide for myself between managing human resources and marketing.I think I would go for the last one.

Well for right now I can't think of any other significant news that is worth to tell about. Again a happy birthday to tom and greetings to your relatives and friends.

We hope to hear from you soon. Bye