Lennie comes across as a very powerful and very weak man, show how the author makes you aware of this?

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Lennie comes across as a powerful man to us in this book, yet is this the full personality of Lennie Small? No, when doing research on this book, we find out Lennie is a man of anger and mostly weakness. The author makes sure we have a clear and precise account of Lennie and how he feels, how he is angered and how he is upset. The author describes this well and helps make it clear in the way he describes Lennie, and uses words and animals to portray him. The author makes us see Lennie in many ways such as different types of phrasing and sentences. In Lennie's normal everyday life, he finds that anger and weakness are necessary everyday feelings of ranch workers and people losing dreams.

People who are classified under the category of great physical strength are normally associated with some form of animal, person or thing.

Lennie in this case is classified as a bear, giving us a sense off strength. Such examples of bear-like actions would be the mangling of Curley's hand. Curley's small masculine hands are no match for Lennie's large, strong, bear- like paws giving us the conclusion of the mangled hand. Lennie is a big soft man who cares for his one and only friend, but also has a bad temper. He likes to have pets, yet Lennie is very strong and doesn't realise this, and once again, bear against mouse, he kills it, only by mistake. He does not come across as intimidating to anyone accept Curley. Curley hates Lennie, because he does not like big guys and really despises him because of his strength and just wants to beat him up all the time, making Lennie seem like an easy angered person. Such examples of bear-like phrases and...