Kings Letter To Birminham Jail

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Martin Luther King's "Letter from Birmingham Jail" Analysis "A good person is someone who defies law if he thinks it is unjust, a good citizen is somone who upholds the law even if they think it is unjust". This quote said by Aristotle is a good example of what Martin Luther King Jr. is trying to say in his letter from Birmingham Jail.

King tries to show the difference btween just and unjust laws, it is because of these two terms that we can "advocate breaking some laws, and obeying others"(King,456). Segrgation in his eyes is and unjust law becasue it "disturbs the soul and damanges the personality"(457). These are both qualifications of an unjust law. Society today is filled with unjust laws. In many schools females are still prohibited from joining a football team, bnecause the school beleives they do not have what it takes. By not allowing this person to join the team they are taking away a part of her personality, a piece of who she is and denieing her to express it.

KIng also discusses another perspective of just and unjust laws. He explains that an unjust law is made up by a majority of people whom force a minorty to follow tgis law, however the law is not "binding" on themselves. A just law is one that a majority makes and is also willing to follow themselves. Thus showing that the only fair law is one that affects all citizens in an equally just way. This is even evident in our goverment today. There are an enourmous number of laws that affect young adults under the age of 18, ones that may have drastick effects on their lives, however they have no part in the making or voting of these laws. A good...