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King Gong Long time ago China was separated into many independent countries.

It was the time of war and deaths. Thousands of family's male members were drafted to join the army to fight for their country. It was the time of expansions where all these tiny countries fight each other to gain lands and control. The civilians of these countries are dying of hunger and murdered.

Houses were burned, innocent women and children were slaughtered.

The other sides raped women.

There was only one country at peace, Xingpa. Xingpa was at the east of China, it was a peaceful country. Although it was only a small portion Have the China, but they had many trades with other countries, and held a strong army. There was a history behind Xingpa. The fifth emperor died of unnatural cause and his son took over at a young age. Nobody actually know how the King died.

Some said he died of diseases others argued and said his brother Pinya murdered him. It is a big mystery nobody know the truth.

Except the King's daughter knows the facts. She was the only witness of the murder. But nobody knows where she is, people said she was killed too. The only way to identify the princess is she wore the emperor's necklace. And the new emperor has one as well.

The new king didn't understand the concepts of ruling his nation. The King's advisor Pinya and his uncle Xiuna was really the ones that's running the nation. Before King Gong's father's death, Xingpa was known to be like A wonderland. There was no hunger, the citizens were treated very well.

They all had lands for growing crops. When King Gong took over, the country became unpleasant. His uncle and advisor turned the country in chaos. The taxes were increased and the laws took away many of the privileges for the citizens. Pinya and Xiuna kept a large amount of profits and taxes from the country.

Starvation started, and the citizens were concerned. Rebels were formed and tried to take over Xingpa, angry mob marching around the castle barely armed, murdering guards. Crying out for a new ruler. The king's soldiers were greatly outnumbered. The gates of the castle were forced to closed down. The mob were not equipped with heavy weapon, they were unable to break down the iron gates thousands of rebels were killed or wounded by the imperial archers from the castle. Pinya head of the generals finally arrived with the king's fifty thousands heavy archers, horsemen, and footmen to fight. The bloody battle was fought in front of castle. Pinya's army destroyed the rebels without leaving any surrenders. The young king Gong does still in his bed not know what had happened outside of the castle.

The battle turned the river red.

As years goes by King Gong slowly grew up, he slowly understands that he's the ruler of Xingpa neither his uncle nor his advisory. But he still respects them, he sees them as his guardians, who watched him grew up.

One-day afternoon King and his government officials meet in the throne room. King Gong asks Leelong an official how his people are performing.

Leelong works for the advisory and the head of the generals, he told his King Gong his people are doing well. They discussed about the countries that constantly fight near King Gong's borders. His advisor suggested the king to aid his neighbor country to conquer other countries, he explained to the king, if we win our kingdom will expand. But the king just turned him right down.

He believe Xingpa is at peace and it should remain at peace.

Pinya met up with Xiuna. He explain to the head of generals how the King was acting "the king is out of control. He doesn't take my word no more, if this goes on we will not have any powers in Xingpa. We must do something about this, if King Gong finds out that we are corrupt officials and plus you killed his father, he'll behead our whole family". Xiuna pet on Pinya shoulder. "There is no need to worry Advisor, you got to remember that I'm King Gong's uncle, I'm the one who watch him grow up" The advisor smiled and replied "It would be better if you become king, controlling Xingpa and with our strong army we can invade our neighbor countries and you'll become the emperor of the whole Asia." Xiuna laughed out loud "Excellent idea! I'll be a way better king than my worthless nephew, Hahahahahaha." Pinya suddenly came up with a bright idea "We must eliminate King Gong as soon as possible. Don't worry my lord I'll kill him without leaving any clues. I have a couple of followers of mine that are Kung Fu masters. I'll send them to murder King Gong" Xiuna shake his head "Alright you'll do would you had planned, and don"˜t fail". (Xiuna and Pinya left) Late at that night, the moon shiny bright and round King Gong's bedroom was quiet as usually. King Gong was the only person in his room sleeping calmly. Pinya men jump down from the roof, and charged at the king with their sharp swords, the king rolled down his bed and scream for help.

"Help!!!! Guards!! Save me!!." The King's guard rushed in and blocked the Killer's swords from stabbing the king in the chest, as more and more guards rushed in to save the king. The killers were outnumbered, and beg for mercy.

The guards were going to slay them right at that moment. The king wanted to find out who send them to murder him. "No stop!" The guards lowered their swords, than King Gong took the mask off the killers face. King Gong ask them who they worked for "Tell me who you guys work for, I'll not execute you people if you tell the truth". One of the killer looked at the king with anger in his face and replied in a loud voice. "Heh, we rather die than betraying our leader". Gong king looked closely and carefully at them, he recognized them. "You people are Pinya follower, but this can't be, Pinya is loyal to me, why would he want to kill me. This must not be him". Another killer burst into tear and begged the king to release him. "Please don't kill me, I'll tell you who send us, but you must swear to the god that you'll release me. King Gong looks intently at him " You got my words". That killer stand up and begin explaining what the whole plan was. And he had proof, a letter from Xiuna commanding them to kill King Gong. King Gong was shocked and tremble a few steps back. "My own uncle and my long advisor want me dead! Oh god" King Gong commanded his guards to release the killers.

In a hot afternoon King Gong and his guards walking around the Palace. King Gong was not sure how to end this case, plus he doesn't his most trusted persons to die. He punched a tree and looked up the sky. In his mind he was thinking if he doesn't execute them they would come and kill him instead. His uncle is the head of all generals he had the authority to send troops to overthrow him. The only solution is to kill him. "Tomorrow is the day where all the officials of Xingpa meets, I'll get them kill there".

All the officials of Xingpa marched into the throne room and bowed down to their knees to King Gong. King Gong went directly into the case.

"You all should know by now, I almost got murdered last night. After searching for the leader of those killers. I found this letter" "In this letter, it was written to inform the killers to kill me. The writer of this letter is in here right now." Pinya knows the king knew he attempted to murder him. He bow down and burst into tears, begging the King not to kill him. "Oh please King Gong, please don't kill me. I been taking your side all my life, I made a small mistake this time." King Gong laugh "A small mistake? I almost die". Pinya want to make a deal with King Gong, if he tell him how his father's actual death was, he must not kill him. King Gong looked very anxious. "My father's death? He didn't died of natural death?" Pinya laugh "Haha your father was murdered my your uncle Xiuna not only that, he want to kill you so he can become king himself." (Everyone looked at Xiuna) Xiuna look at the king fearlessly he knew the King knows about his plans with Pinya.

"He's right I did slaughtered your father. He doesn't deserve to be the king of Xingpa, he's nothing compared with me, from battling strategies to leadership I"˜m better than him. I'm suppose to be the king of Xingpa. And you king Gong you never want to expand Xingpa. If I was the ruler now, I would not only be the ruler of Xingpa but the ruler of Asian as well". King Gong's eyes were full of anger. "Why did you kill my father? He's your brother for god sake". Xiuna smiled and nodded his head.

"Brother? Heh". King Gong took his Sword of Dragon out. "Alright I shall avenge my father's death right now" King Gong swung his sword as fast as He can at Xiuna's head. Xiuna's head flew out from the rest of his body.

"Release Xingpa, from today on you are no longer my advisor". King Gong insert his Sword of Dragon back to the shell. The officials were shocked what King Gong had done. (Meeting were dismissed)