Kindred Evaluation

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Kindred Evaluation A "frame of reference" is a circle of friends or family that help give one ideas or beliefs. So if some thing happens to a person and they don't know what to do they go to there're "frame of reference" in order to help them with the problem. A "frame of reference" can sometimes give one the wrong idea or thing to do, as it does for Rufus a lot in Kindred. Rufus's frame of reference is a little different because it does not lead him in the right directions it actually leads him into more trouble. But really this book wouldn't be very good if there was no trouble at all. So rufus has a frame of reference but it isn't exactly the best one.

Rufus ultimately proves he is a product of his frame of reference. Because if you continue to go to something for answers to all of your problems you become a belonging to that thing, you depend on it as if you were its pet, but in reality people are mearly a process, a process that has named it self "I".

I think the houses can be a paradox, as in they are home and yet so alien. This really depends one ones definition of home some believe home is spiritually were you belong, others thinks its just were you live, Webster says: HOME-a families place of residence. Now this could be alien because of the way pones family is towards them, if the family is nice and loving it could be a place one belongs. If the family doesn't really care about you it could feel as if you are not even on the right planet.

In an even stranger light a family could...