To Kill A Mockingbird

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Who is Scout? Scout is running 6 years old. She lives in Maycomb with her father, Atticus, and her brother, Jem. She does not have a mother. She is always playing with Jem. That's why she is like a boyish. She loves her father as a father and a lawyer, and she is loved by everyone in Maycomb.

Scout's romance Scout falls in love with Dill. Scout does not want to forget the beautiful memory that Scout kisses Dill for the first time in her life. Scout waits for summer vacation because she can meet Dill. She is on the way of becoming adult, so she needs somebody to fall in love. She really wants passionate love. Scout's love for Dill is absolutely different from love for Atticus and Jem.

Scout is curious about ...

Scout is curious about everything, and tries to know everything. She has learned about country folks through the relationship with Cunninghams and Ewells.

She has also learned the prejudice against the blacks through Tom Robinson's trial. In addition, the most exciting existence that satisfies Scout's curiosity is "Boo" Radley. Scout thinks "Boo" a monster in the beginning of the book. Scout yearns to see "Boo", and tries to see him. Towards the end of the story, Scout gets to realize real "Boo." How does Scout change? Scout shows her change throughout the novel, from an innocent and young girl to a mature person with understanding people and events around her. For example, at the beginning, she does not understand Boo. She does not understand why Boo does not come out of his house. However, at the end of the novel, she spot him in her house and comes to understand why he cannot get out of his house. Her change during the novel is directly correlated with many learning experiences such as Tom Robinson's trial and a few people's death. She is growing up while she is facing many kinds of people and events. "There is just one kind of folks, Folks." shows her changed idea about people.